Captive business services

We empower you to establish wholly-owned, client-operated service delivery centers that provide critical business functions directly to your organization. Our service equips you with:

Cost Optimization

Reduce operational costs by leveraging economies of scale and potentially lower labor costs in strategic locations.

Enhanced Control and Security

Maintain full control over your data, processes, and intellectual property with a captive center.

Improved Flexibility and Scalability

Adapt your service delivery capabilities quickly and efficiently to meet changing business needs.

Greater Alignment and Collaboration

Foster closer collaboration between your captive center and core business functions for increased efficiency and innovation.

How CODA Does It

Our comprehensive approach guides you through every step of establishing and managing your captive business service center:

Strategic Planning and Feasibility Assessment

We collaborate with you to define your goals, identify suitable service functions, and assess the feasibility of a captive center solution.

Location Selection and Setup

We assist you in selecting the optimal location for your captive center, considering factors like talent availability, infrastructure, and cost-effectiveness. We also guide you through the setup process, including legal and regulatory compliance.

Process Design and Standardization

We work with you to design efficient and standardized processes for your captive center, ensuring alignment with your overall business objectives.

Talent Acquisition and Management

We support you in recruiting, onboarding, and training qualified personnel for your captive center, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce.

Ongoing Management and Optimization

We provide ongoing support to ensure the smooth operation of your captive center, including performance monitoring, continuous improvement initiatives, and technology enablement.

Key Focus Areas

Captive business service strategy development

Feasibility assessment and business case creation

Performance management and optimization strategies

Process design, standardization, and documentation

Location selection and setup assistance

Technology implementation and integration

Ongoing support and service level management

Talent acquisition, onboarding, and training


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