SPIR (Spare Parts list and Interchangeability Record)

Minimize downtime, optimize inventory costs, and ensure parts availability with CODASOL’s Spare Parts Inventory Optimization with SPIR Management service. We leverage expertise in Spare Parts Lists and Interchangeability Records (SPIRs) to streamline your spare parts management, ensuring you have the right parts, in the right quantities, at the right time.

How CODA Does It

Our comprehensive approach tackles all aspects of SPIR management and spare parts optimization

SPIR Review and Analysis

We meticulously review and analyze your existing SPIRs to identify inconsistencies, redundancies, and outdated information.

Spare Parts Rationalization

We recommend strategies to optimize your spare parts inventory by identifying unnecessary parts, consolidating similar items, and leveraging interchangeability options..

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning

We utilize data analytics to forecast spare parts demand and develop a data-driven inventory plan that minimizes stockouts and overstocking.

SPIR Development and Implementation

We create or update your SPIRs according to industry best practices, ensuring clear documentation of spare parts requirements for each asset.

CMMS Integration

We seamlessly integrate your optimized SPIR data with your CMMS, facilitating efficient ordering, tracking, and reporting of spare parts.

Key Focus Areas

SPIR review, analysis, and rationalization

CMMS integration for spare parts management

Spare parts demand forecasting and inventory planning

Development and implementation of optimized SPIRs

Criticality analysis and spare parts prioritization

Supplier sourcing and procurement strategies


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