Service Master

Take control of your service landscape with CODASOL’s Service Master Data Management service. We ensure your service data is accurate, consistent, and readily accessible, empowering you to:

Standardize service definitions

Eliminate confusion and inconsistencies with clear service definitions, facilitating accurate service delivery and billing.

Enhance service searchability

Effortlessly locate services through a well-defined catalogue structure, enabling faster retrieval and informed decision-making.

Optimize service delivery

Streamline service delivery processes with accurate and consistent service data, minimizing errors and improving customer satisfaction.

How CODA Does It

Our proven approach involves a collaborative effort to understand your unique service offerings and how you manage them.  We follow a structured process that includes:

Service Data Assessment

We analyze your existing service data to identify redundancies, inconsistencies, and gaps in information.

Catalogue Design & Development

We work with you to design a customized catalogue structure that aligns with your service categories and operational workflows.

Service Master Data Enrichment

We enrich your service data with relevant details such as descriptions, pricing, specifications, and resource requirements.

Data Cleansing & Standardization

We cleanse your existing service data to remove errors and inconsistencies, and standardize it for optimal searchability and utilization.

System Integration

We integrate your service master data with your existing CRM, ERP, or other business systems, ensuring seamless data flow..

Key Focus Areas

Service master data management

Service classification and taxonomy development

Service data cleansing and standardization

Service data enrichment and completion

System integration and data governance


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