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One of the Largest Integrated chemical companies in India, First Private sector company inaugurated by then Prime Minister in 1952.

Their Major Business consists Aromatics, Bulk chemicals and intermediates, Colors, Crop Protection bulk, Crop Protection Retail, Floras, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates, Polymers Performance Materials, Polymers Retail.


At Coda Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, we believe in making a real impact on our clients, and that’s exactly what we achieved with Crescent Petroleum. They needed to streamline their data management, and we were up for the challenge!


Unleashing Data Potential

Crescent Petroleum knew the value of its data but struggled with scattered information across different systems. They needed a way to harness the full potential of their data to make smarter decisions and improve operations.


Seamless Rollout, Immediate Impact

Through meticulous planning and hard work, we smoothly rolled out the Master Data Management (MDM) tool. The integration process was hassle-free, and the positive impacts were immediate. Crescent Petroleum saw streamlined processes, data-driven decisions, and increased efficiency.

Thanks to the unwavering commitment and hard work ensuring a seamless integration process and paved the way for improved data management across the Organization. The smooth rollout has already started delivering positive impacts on our operations, and we are excited about the possibilities it brings

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